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PPZPMs - a novel group of cyclic lipodepsipeptides produced by the Phytophtora alniassociated strain Pseudomonassp. JX090307 - the missing link between the Viscosin and Amphisin Group

The closely related to the Pseudomonas orientalis strain Pseudomonas sp. acc. no. JX090307 was isolated from hyphae of the phytopathogenic oomycete Phytophthora alni spp. alni. In in-vitro antagonistic tests, the living bacterium JX090307 and its cell extract showed antibiosis activity against different fungal pathogens of forest tree species, particularly against Verticillium dahliae and some strains of P. alni ssp. alni. Investigating the cell extract of JX090307 by means of LC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS and -MS/MS techniques, more than 30 cyclic lipodepsipeptids (CLPs) were found. 24 of them belong to a novel group of CLPs named PPZPM. The cyclic lipodepsidecapeptides PPZPMs are composed of a ß-hydroxy fatty acid linked to a peptide part comprising 10 amino acids, where 8 of them are organized in a cyclic structure. PPZPMs differ from members of the Viscosin and Amphisin group by the number of amino acids forming the cyclic structure. The two main components, PPZPM-1a and PPZPM-2a, were investigated additionally by means of NMR spectroscopy.



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