The LIFE-VERMEER integrated tool for human and environmental risk assessment : Workshop on Developed Risk Assessment Tools

The phasing-out and substitution of risky chemicals is one central objective of the European chemical policy. The LIFE VERMEER project contributes to this objective by providing tools for human and environmental risk assessment for chemicals, which combine hazard evaluation with exposure assessment. This workshop will provide an overview on capabilities and the field of application of the developed tools covering predictive approaches for physico-chemical and toxicological properties of chemicals using QSAR-models and models to estimate their environmental fate as well as the uptake and effect in environmental organisms and humans. Special focus will be put on the developed Sphera-Tools combing those different approaches in order to allow users to conduct risk assessments for specific scenarios. Participants will be guided to take hands on the tools. The training will specifically provide guidance on the SpheraFCM (food contact material) and SpheraDispersants (marine oil fate) by presenting a model case for each tool.



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