Influenza A viruses of high pathogenicity (Inf. with) (non-poultry including wild birds) (2017-), Germany

Between October 2020 and April 2021, Germany and Europe in general experienced the most severe avian influenza epizootic to date. Despite a significant decrease in both cases and outbreaks during the spring of 2021, HPAIV H5 was detected in waterfowl and birds of prey over the summer, especially in the Nordic countries of Europe. In Germany, since mid-October 2021, there have been hundreds of detections of HPAIV-infected wild birds as well as over 50 outbreaks in poultry and kept birds in numerous federal states. The risk of HPAIV H5 spreading in wild birds and transmission to poultry and kept birds in Germany is classified as high. It is strongly recommended that biosecurity measures in poultry holdings be reviewed and, if necessary, strengthened.


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