Review report of Agri-Drinking Water quality Indicators and IT/sensor techniques on farm level, study site and drinking water source : October 23rd, 2018, Version n.2, Report n.3.1, Series: Deliverables

The present report is written as part of Work Package 3 (WP3) of the FAIRWAY project. The main objective of WP3 is identifying, selecting and prioritizing transparent and data-driven indicators for monitoring of the impacts of agriculture activities on drinking water quality, referred as Agri-Drinking Water Indicators (ADWIs). ADWIs are intended to assist agricultural consultancy, therefore, they should be appealing and understandable for farmers. On a larger scale, ADWIs are intended to support central and local administration and policy-makers, water companies in analysing the situation of diffuse pollution and selecting measures to protect drinking water resources. The ADWIs are developed by 1) revewing/identifying relevant pre-existing indicators (e. g., Agri-Environmental Indicators of the European Commission); 2) quantitatively and conceptually evaluating the identified indicators using compiled data of 13 case study sites of FAIRWAY; and 3) selecting/prioritizing ADWIs that are suitable for assessing the effects of agriculture measures on mitigating diffuse pollution of drinking water quality. According to the proposal, the ADWIs are defined within the DPSIR-framework (Driving forces – Pressure – State – Impact – Response). However, this framework does not have a domain to reflect the variability of hydrogeochemical settings among the case study sites, which may govern the cause-effect relations between the agriculture activities ─ including mitigation measures ─ and drinking water quality. Therefore, in WP3, a new domain called Link is introduced. In WP3, we focus on nitrate and pesticide release from the agricultural system (Driving force and Pressure indicators), the transport and fate of nitrate and pesticides in the hydrogeological system (Link indicator) and the quality of the drinking water (State/Impact indicator). This document reports the results of the first step of the ADWIs development: Reviews on ADWIs, participatory monitoring, and IT/sensor techniques...



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