Spatio-temporal monitoring of soil erosion events

Möller, Markus GND; Strassemeyer, Jörn GND; Krengel, Sandra GND; Deumlich, Detlef; Frühauf, Cathleen

The monitoring of soil erosion events is crucial to adapt measures for farmers, support decision making and refining soil policies especially in the context of climate change. A precondition for an effective monitoring is the availability of a data base, which allows the calculation of indices representing the spatio-temporal dynamic of influencing factors like precipitation or soil coverage. On the example of a parcel in the Uckermark district situated in north-eastern Germany, we introduce a process chain, which aims at the localization of parcels characterized by a potentially high risk of soil erosion during sensitive crop growing periods. The algorithm couples phenological information with a satellite-based soil coverage indicator and a heavy rain event indicator. Since these data sets are country-wide available, any parcel in Germany can be in principle assessed regarding the historical and up-to-date situation. In doing so, known soil erosion events can be analyzed or parcels can be localized where soil erosion events occurred, occur or will occur very likely.



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Möller, Markus / Strassemeyer, Jörn / Krengel, Sandra / et al: Spatio-temporal monitoring of soil erosion events. 2019.


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