Einsatz von Saatwickenk├Ârnern (Vicia sativa L.) in der Monogastrierf├╝tterung: Vormastschweine

Höhne, Anja GND; Bussemas, Ralf GND; Baldinger, Lisa GND

Supplying monogastric farm animals with regional feed is part of organic agriculture┬┤s aim to close nutrient cycles as much as possible. However, there is still a shortage of high-quality protein-rich feeds from regional production. The grain legume common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) is a hardy, protein-rich crop, but also contains anti-nutritive factors (ANF). The feeding trial presented hereafter focused on the acceptance of common vetch seeds in different forms for early fattening pigs and their performance: diets containing untreated, germinated, or ensiled common vetch seeds were compared with a control diet without vetches. The pigs consumed almost 100% of the offered ensiled common vetch seeds, but only 80% of raw seeds. However, this difference in feed intake did not affect the fattening performance of the pigs, and body weight at the end of early fattening did not differ. Based on our observations, it seems that diets containing 12-15% common vetch seeds can be fed to pigs without immediate negative effects. However, possible long-term effects still need to be investigated.



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Höhne, Anja / Bussemas, Ralf / Baldinger, Lisa: Einsatz von Saatwickenkörnern (Vicia sativa L.) in der Monogastrierfütterung: Vormastschweine. 2019.


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