Hemostasis and Lipoprotein Indices Signify Exacerbated Lung Injury in TB With Diabetes Comorbidity

Dong, Zhengwei; Shi, Jingyun; Dorhoi, Anca GND; Zhang, Jie; Soodeen-Lalloo, Adiilah K; Tan, WenLing; Yin, Hongyun; Sha, Wei; Li, Weitong; Zheng, Ruijuan; Liu, Zhonghua; Yang, Hua; Qin, Lianhua; Wang, Jie; Huang, Xiaochen; Wu, Chunyan; Kaufmann, Stefan H E; Feng, Yonghong

Exacerbated immunopathology is a frequent consequence of TB that is complicated by diabetes mellitus (DM); however, the underlying mechanisms are still poorly defined.In the two groups of age- and sex-matched patients with TB and DM (DM-TB) and with TB and without DM, we microscopically evaluated the areas of caseous necrosis and graded the extent of perinecrotic fibrosis in lung biopsies from the sputum smear-negative (SN) patients. We scored acid-fast bacilli in sputum smear-positive (SP) patients and compiled CT scan data from both the SN and SP patients. We compared inflammatory biomarkers and routine hematologic and biochemical parameters. Binary logistic regression analyses were applied to define the indices associated with the extent of lung injury.Enlarged caseous necrotic areas with exacerbated fibrotic encapsulations were found in SN patients with DM-TB, consistent with the higher ratio of thick-walled cavities and more bacilli in the sputum from SP patients with DM-TB. Larger necrotic foci were detected in men compared with women within the SN TB groups. Significantly higher fibrinogen and lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) were observed in SN patients with DM-TB. Regression analyses revealed that diabetes, activation of the coagulation pathway (shown by increased platelet distribution width, decreased mean platelet volume, and shortened prothrombin time), and dyslipidemia (shown by decreased low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL-C, and apolipoprotein A) are risk factors for severe lung lesions in both SN and SP patients with TB.Hemostasis and dyslipidemia are associated with granuloma necrosis and fibroplasia leading to exacerbated lung damage in TB, especially in patients with DM-TB.



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Dong, Zhengwei / Shi, Jingyun / Dorhoi, Anca / et al: Hemostasis and Lipoprotein Indices Signify Exacerbated Lung Injury in TB With Diabetes Comorbidity. 2017.


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