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Scientific Opinion on the compatibility of BioPlus® 2B ( Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis) with semduramycin and formic acid in turkeys for fattening

The European Food Safety Authority was asked to deliver an opinion on the compatibility of the microbial feed additive BioPlus® 2B, based on a 1:1 mixture of Bacillus licheniformis DSM 5749 and Bacillus subtilis DSM 5750, with the coccidiostat semduramycin sodium and with formic acid. A study involving 420 birds for a period of 34 days has been provided. The birds received a basal diet containing BioPlus® 2B at the recommended inclusion rate in the presence or absence of the semduramycin sodium at the maximum authorised level, or formic acid (analysed value 2600 mg/kg). At the end of the experiment, caecal samples were analysed for B. subtilis and B. licheniformis applying a heat treatment to distinguish between the vegetative cells and spores. No significant differences in the counts of either species were observed between the control and the treated groups. The FEEDAP Panel concludes that BioPlus® 2B is compatible with semduramycin in chickens for fattening. Should semduramycin be authorised in turkeys for fattening, the compatibility between BioPlus® 2B and semduramycin could be extrapolated, provided that the maximum dose of semduramycin in turkeys will not be higher than that for chickens. The compatibility of the product with formic acid up to 2600 mg/kg is demonstrated in chickens. The FEEDAP Panel considers that the compatibility between BioPlus® 2B and formic acid can be extrapolated to turkeys for fattening at the same doses.



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