Robinia wood research - new innovations for a traditional material

Rademacher, Peter; Rousek, Radim; Fodor, Fanni; Baar, Jan; Koch, Gerald GND; Nemeth, Robert; Paril, Petr; Paschova, Zuzana; Sablik, Pavel; Paul, Daniela GND; Potsch, Tanja GND; Hofmann, Tamas

Due to its high amount of extracts, Robinia wood counted among the European wood species to those with the highest decay resistance against wood decaying microorganisms. Although the subsequent high ranking as regards quality and related chemical composition have been used and known for long, leading to a lot of ambitious applications, the scientific background of the responsible processes and continuative bio-engineered utilization of this have not been deeply developed (ECKSTEIN ET AL. 2000). Therefore, additional efforts and innovative applications of this interesting material are requested to increase the availability and usage of this unique wood species (RADEMACHER AND FODOR 2016)...



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Rademacher, Peter / Rousek, Radim / Fodor, Fanni / et al: Robinia wood research - new innovations for a traditional material. 2016.


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