AquaEpi I - 2016

Welcome to the first global conference in epidemiology and diseases in aquatic animals! The conference held in Oslo, Norway 20 -22 September 2016. Aquaculture has received considerable and growing global importance as a supplier of food and nutrition in many regions around the world. Aquatic animals and products sold on a large scale worldwide. This trade contributes to the potential for spreading of disease. Safe trade and thereby reducing the risk of infection is therefore one of the most important areas for industry and international management. It is therefore important to create good meeting places to ensure dialogue and knowledge exchanges that satisfy both research needs and successful implementation of results and methods. This conference will therefore bring together researchers on all levels from around the world to exchange and share experience, knowledge and research results related to epidemiology and health aspect concerning animals in aquaculture. Epidemiology encompasses areas such as biosecurity, health economics, disease control, infection, etc. The conference will focus on current and future methods in epidemiology and practical cooperation and usefulness epidemiology has for business and government. This will be a meeting place for anyone interested in how we can exercise health in the most efficient manner both locally and globally, to prevent the spread of infection and help to ensure good financial conditions and good health and welfare of animals in aquaculture. The conference is organized by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) in cooperation between the International Society of Aquatic Animal Epidemiology (ISAAE), National Veterinary Institute, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada (AVC). FAO and OIE Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology and Risk Assessment of Aquatic Animal Diseases are co-organizers and supports conference.




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