Epidemiologische Beispiele zur Seuchenausbreitung

Schlüter, Hartmut GND; Kramer, Matthias GND

The globalisation of trade with animals and animal products and increase of travel transports are very important issues with respect to prevent and control animal diseases or epizootics respectively. The disease control concepts as a complex manner should be established on scientific basis and must be permanently evaluated and updated. Outbreak investigations in order to clarify the source of infection and/or the spread of animal diseases including zoonoses are important fields of activities of veterinary epidemiologists. The application of modern epidemiological methods is the precondition of a successful disease control. On selected examples of animal diseases, the use of these methods is demonstrated. It is urgently necessary to intensify the epidemiological work in applied research and practice



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Schlüter, Hartmut / Kramer, Matthias: Epidemiologische Beispiele zur Seuchenausbreitung. 2001.


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