Intrazelluläress Überleben von Salmonellen in Caco-2-Zellen

Dinjuus, U.; Hänel, Ingrid GND; Steinbach, G.

In the in vitro model using Caco-2 cells at different stages of differentiation the invasion and intracellular survival of virulent (predominant infection strains) and less virulent (predominant attenuated mutant strains) Salmonella strains were studied. The statistical evaluation of experimental data has shown that the logarithmized colony forming unit after 18 hours of incubation in differentiated cells (14 days old) is a suitable parameter for the determination of intracellular survival. Using this parameter a relationship between intracellular survival and Salmonella virulence (LD50 mouse) was demonstrated and quantified. The model presented could be suitable for the replacement of animal experiments after further investigations



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Dinjuus, U. / Hänel, Ingrid / Steinbach, G.: Intrazelluläress Überleben von Salmonellen in Caco-2-Zellen. 2003.


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