Protection of bamboo by environment-friendly chemicals against short-term-molding

Tang, Thi Kim Hong; Schmidt, Olaf GND; Liese, Walter GND

The protection of the bamboo species Bambusa stenostachya and Thyrostachys siamensis against molds was tested with environment- friendly chemicals in the laboratory. Bamboo samples were treated with various organic acids and their salts. Mold growth on the specimens was evaluated 1, 2, 4 and 8 weeks after inoculation with a conidia mixture of seven moulds isolated from bamboos in Vietnam. A second experimental set used specimens which were not inoculated but contained the mold flora from the original bamboo samples. Treatments with 10% acetic acid, 7 % propionic acid as well as with a mixture of 3% boric acid and 7% propionic acid inhibited mould growth totally.



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Tang, Thi Kim Hong / Schmidt, Olaf / Liese, Walter: Protection of bamboo by environment-friendly chemicals against short-term-molding. Massachusetts 2009. World Bamboo Organization.


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