Eignung von Mühlennachprodukten als Trägerstoff für Vormischungen

Heidenreich, E.; Löwe, R.

The application of most additives is only permissible using a premixture consisting of admixed and carrier substances. Structures of carrier substances needed for the production of solid premixtures are mostly not defined and the characteristics of the additives are not always sufficiently available. Characterising quality signs and recommendations on the selection of suitable carrier substances especially of milling by-products, are meant to assist in the elimination of existing uncertainties. In order to effect an appraisal of the suitability of a certain carrier substance, there are mainly quoted the criteria mixing quality, mixing stability and the tendency for carry-over and contamination.


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Heidenreich, E. / Löwe, R.: Eignung von Mühlennachprodukten als Trägerstoff für Vormischungen. Braunschweig 1996. FAL.


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