Using power in business relationships - old wine in new skins?

Belaya, Vera GND; Hanf, Jon Henrich

Since many decades there is discussion going on about positive and negative sides of power in supply chains. The main two areas of supply chain management are cooperation (aligning interests) and coordination (aligning actions), which should be addressed separately. We posit that power can be considered one of the strongest and influential tools for supply chain management. Therefore, there is a challenge to find out what power is in general and how different types of power can be exercised through different means in supply chains for managerial and business purposes with specific attention to cooperation and coordination issues. To answer our research questions we conducted over 40 interviews with experts in the field of Russian agrifood business.



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Belaya, Vera / Hanf, Jon Henrich: Using power in business relationships - old wine in new skins?. 2013.


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