Farmers' reasons for deregistering from organic farming

Koesling, Matthias GND; Loes, Anne-Kristin; Flaten, Ola; Kristensen, Niels Heine; Weinreich Hansen, Mette

Every year since 2002, 150 to 200 farmers in Norway have deregistered from certified organic production. The aim of this study was to get behind these figures and improve our understanding of the reasoning leading to decisions to opt out. Four cases of deregistered organic farmers with grain, sheep, dairy or vegetable production were selected for in-depth studies. The cases were analysed from the perspective of individual competencies and the competencies available in the networks of the selected organic farmers. Besides the conspicuous reasons to opt out of certified organic farming, such as regulations getting stricter over time and low income, personal reasons such as disappointment and need for acceptance were also important. This shows that hard mechanisms, such as economic support and premium prices, are not sufficient to motivate farmers for sustained organic management. Support and encouragement, for example from people in the local community, politicians and other spokespersons, would likely contribute to increase farmersÂ’ motivation



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Koesling, Matthias / Loes, Anne-Kristin / Flaten, Ola / et al: Farmers' reasons for deregistering from organic farming. 2012.


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