Genetic linkage mapping in aspen (Populus tremulaL. andPopulus tremuloidesMichx.)

Pakull, Birte GND; Groppe, Katrin GND; Meyer, Matthias; Markussen, Torsten GND; Fladung, Matthias GND

A large number of simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker-containing genetic maps are available for several Populus species. For aspen however, no SSR-containing map has been published so far. In this study, genetic linkage mapping was carried out with an interspecific mapping pedigree of 61 full-sib hybrids of European x quaking aspen (Populus tremula L. x Populus tremuloides Michx.), using the two-way pseudo-testcross strategy. Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and SSR markers were used for mapping, resulting in the first SSR-containing genetic linkage maps for aspen. The maps allow comparisons with a Populus consensus map and other published genetic maps of the genus Populus. The maps showed good collinearity to each other and to the Populus consensus map and provide a direct link to the Populus trichocarpa genomic sequence. Sex as a morphological trait was assessed in the mapping population and mapped on a non-terminal position of linkage group XIX on the male P. tremuloides map.



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Pakull, Birte / Groppe, Katrin / Meyer, Matthias / et al: Genetic linkage mapping in aspen (Populus tremulaL. andPopulus tremuloidesMichx.). 2009.


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