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The sex-linked region in Populus tremuloides Turesson141 corresponds to a pericentromeric region of about two million base pairs on P. trichocarpachromosome 19

In the dioecious genus Populus, sex determination has been located to chromosome 19. However, despite a high degree of genome collinearity, various Populus species seem to differ with regard to the location of the sex-determining region on the respective chromosome and the apparent heterogametic sex. In this study, the boundaries of the recombination-suppressed, sex-linked region of the male P. tremuloides clone Turesson 141 were localised by genetic mapping using new SNP and InDel markers. The respective region seems to be located in a pericentromeric position. The corresponding P. trichocarpa genome region spans about two million bp and comprises 65 gene loci, which were bioinformatically evaluated for their potential as candidate genes for sex determination. Three putative transcription factor genes and four genes that are potentially involved in flower development processes, e.g. meristem transition from the vegetative to the reproductive phase, were identified. Populus tremuloides sequence data of the sex-linked region is required for a final search for candidate genes.



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