On-farm wind energy production in Aberdeenshire

Sutherland, Lee-Ann; Holstead, Kirsty L.; Brown, Chris; Schwarz, Gerald GND

Wind turbines are becoming a common sight in Aberdeenshire. Although wind energy production was experimented with in the early 1980s, with the electricity produced used on farms or rural businesses, current turbines were developed in the 2000s and the electricity produced primarily sold through the national grid. The number of planning applications for turbines has increased exponentially in the past two years: Aberdeenshire Council reported a total of 777 applications for wind turbines from 2004 – 2011; 508 of which were submitted in 2011 (see Figure 1). By January 2011, 284 turbine developments had been approved for construction in Aberdeenshire



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Sutherland, Lee-Ann / Holstead, Kirsty L. / Brown, Chris / et al: On-farm wind energy production in Aberdeenshire. Aberdeen 2012. James Hutton Institute.


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