One Health: Risk Assessment of Avian Influenza : Workshop

This session shall be devoted to discuss a potential pandemic risk posed by avian influenza viruses that are responsible for the largest epidemic in birds we are currently facing in Europe. Influenza viruses are able to cross species barriers and infect humans causing epidemics and pandemics of various severity. H5N1 avian influenza viruses have repeatedly crossed species barriers in the past, infecting humans upon close contact and causing high lethalities up to 50%.

Currently, we are facing one of the largest epidemics of H5 avian influenza in birds, particularly in Europe. A total of 2,467 outbreaks were detected in poultry and 48 million birds were culled. When early this year, an 11-year old girl died of H5N1 influenza in Cambodia without having had direct contact to infected poultry, fears were rising that avian influenza could spark the next human pandemic. Within this workshop, the latest findings on avian influenza shall be discussed including the assessment of the current risk and countermeasures to prevent further transmission to humans.


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