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Wirkung von Rhizobien-Impfmitteln auf Ertragsparameter und Rohproteinertrag der Schmalblättrigen Lupine

The aim of the study was to test different Rhizobia-inoculants for Lupinus angustifolius L.. The inoculants are based on liquids (LIQUIFiX®, RADICIN®-Lupin, RhizoFix® RF-40, rhizo power®, TurboLupin), peat (HISTICK® and LEGUMEFIX®) or charcoal with rock flour (Legumino®). The field trial with four replications was conducted in Northern Germany from 2020 to 2021. Lupins had never been grown before on the chosen fields, or the cultivation was already 16 years ago. The results show very different characteristics for the two experimental years with an overall significantly higher yield level with an average of 29,31 dt ha-1 in 2021 compared to 15,18 dt ha-1 in 2020. In 2020 were significant differences for all tested parameters, but in 2021 no significant differences were found. In 2020, the variant LEGUMEFiX® had significantly the highest grain yields, except for HISTICK®. The highest RP yields were observed for LEGUMEFiX® and LIQUIFiX®. HISTICK® and LIQUIFiX® showed the highest thousand grain weights, and growth height was highest for LEGUMEFiX®, followed by HISTICK® and LIQUIFiX®. The number and color of the nodules showed a somewhat inconsistent picture. In 2021, not only the yield was significantly higher, but also the number of nodules. This could be due to more favorable weather conditions, but also to the earlier cultivation of lupins on this site.



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