Utilising novel service life prediction methods for robust and precise Life-Cycle-Costing (LCC)

Life-Cycle-Costing (LCC) is one of the basic indicators for the assessment of sustainability and cost effectiveness in construction applications. Project WoodLCC was thus conceived to enable LCC through input from models for detailed service life planning of wooden components and buildings. The project is a continuation of the service life planning research conducted in Europe over the last three decades, specifically applicable to wooden constructions. The novelty of WoodLCC lies in the optimisation of input data required for LCC of wood-based building components. Instead of generic data, the service life of wooden building components will be assessed with novel methods including performance models that account for fungal and weathering ‘damage’, which take climate, design, and use conditions into consideration. Service life estimates will be linked to consumer acceptance thresholds of planners, house builders and owners.



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