Annual report of the Scientific Network on Animal Health 2022

According  to  its  Founding  Regulation  (Regulation  (EC)  No  178/2002),  the  European  Food  Safety Authority (EFSA) was tasked to establish a system of networks of organisations operating in the fields within EFSA’s remit, with the objective to facilitate a scientific cooperation framework by coordinating activities,  exchanging  information,  developing  and  implementing  joint  projects,  and  exchanging expertise and best practices. The Scientific Network on Risk Assessment in Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW)  aims  to  build  a  mutual  understanding  of  risk  assessment  principles  in  the  areas  of  animal health and welfare, to promote harmonisation of animal health and welfare risk assessment practices and methodologies, and to reduce the duplication of activities by identifying and sharing current and upcoming  priorities.  The  network  organises  an  annual  meeting  dedicated  to  animal  health-related issues to discuss and exchange on all topics relevant and interesting to its member organisations. In 2022, this annual meeting took place on 27 and 28 June. Among all topics covered, special attention was  paid  to  avian  influenza,  African  swine  fever  and  SARS-CoV-2.  One  Health  surveillance  and biosecurity  were  further  highlights  in  2022.  This  report  summarises  the  activities  presented  by members and observers of the network as well as EFSA’s contributions during the meeting.



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