One Health Joint Plan of Action, 2022–2026

Following the 27th Tripartite Annual Executive Meeting, the FAO Programme Committee in its 130th session, March 2021, requested the joint development, by the Tripartite (FAO/WHO/WOAH) and others, of a strategy and action plan to prevent future zoonotic pandemics through the One Health approach. The One Health Joint Plan of Action (OH JPA) is intended to guide the four organizations of the Quadripartite to work together on One Health with the aim of supporting their Members to build One Health capacities. It provides a framework for action and proposes a set of activities that the four organizations can offer together to enable countries to advance and scale up One Health in managing human, animal, plant and environment health threats. The framework uses a One Health approach to strengthen collaboration, communication, advocacy, and coordination equally across all sectors responsible for addressing health concerns at the human-animal-plant-environment interface.

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