Biotechnological Applications in Buffalo Research

Chapter 1. Buffalo in the World: Situation and Perspectives -- Chapter 2. Water buffalo genomic diversity -- Chapter 3. Advances in Buffalo Breeding: A Journey from classical Breeding to Genomic Selection -- Chapter 4. Reproductive Management of Dairy Buffaloes -- Chapter 5. Behavior and welfare of dairy buffaloes: calving, weaning and milking -- Chapter 6. Buffalo’s milk and its products: Composition, Nutrition, and Benefits -- Chapter 7. Welfare of buffaloes at slaughter -- Section-II Omics approaches to understand buffalo’s genome, physiology, and reproduction -- Chapter 8. Molecular evolution and genome architecture of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), the ‘living bank’ for marginal farmers in developing countries -- Chapter 9. Fertility biomarkers in buffalo -- Chapter 10. Being Sweet is Being Smart: Lessons Learnt from Buffalo Spermatozoa -- Chapter 11. Protein signatures of lactation and early pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) -- Chapter 12. Induced pluripotent stem cells in buffalo: Basics to translation applications -- Chapter 13. Domesticated buffalo- A model for human biomedical research -- Section-III Reproductive Biotechnologies -- Chapter 14. Advances in embryo production in buffaloes: in vivo versus in vitro procedures -- Chapter 15. Application of Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination in Water Buffaloes -- Chapter 16. Semen sexing in buffalo -- Chapter 17. Advances in cryopreservation of buffalo semen -- Chapter 18. Advances in Semen Quality Assessments in AI Programs in Buffalo -- Chapter 19. Reproductive ultrasonography in buffalo – Basic concepts and recent advances -- Chapter 20. Spermatogonial stem cells and testis-tissue cryopreservation as a tool for conservation of buffalo germplasm -- Chapter 21. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer and its Applications in Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).



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