Monitoring the bioeconomy in Uruguay: Sectoral and Sustainability Assessment : [paper for] XV World Forestry Congress, Coex, Soul, Republic of Korea, 2-6 May 2022

Strategies for the development of economies aim at transforming them towards a sustainable bioeconomy based on the sustainable use of biological resources. This article presents a method developed by Thünen Institute for the sectoral monitoring of the bioeconomy. Based on national accounts information on economic sectors it is analyzed to which degree economic activities in the sectors are based on biological resources. Subsequently, we examine inputs used in the manufacturing processes of economic activities to determine the bio-based share of the economic activity within the economy as a whole. Our case study present estimates of bio-based shares and sustainability assessment in Uruguay for the years 2012 and 2016. Our preliminary results estimate bio-based shares of around 17% for 2012 and 15% for 2016. Our estimates allow us not only to determine the economic proportion of the bioeconomy within the economy as a whole but also to assess sustainability effects. A possible way to evaluate sustainability effects is through the assessment of selected Sustainable Development Goals as they relate to bioeconomy targets. We therefore applied the bio-based shares obtained to official data on employment, production, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our initial assessment indicates a decrease in bioeconomy-related employment, an increase in value added and production value along with an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from 2012 to 2016. Our preliminary results reveal that calculations for economic and environmental indicators can be estimated but mostly at aggregated levels since disaggregated data for the calculation of bio-based shares remains scattered and incomplete. To further bioeconomy monitoring efforts it is therefore necessary to secure regularly updated disaggregated data.



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