Public consultation on the draft data section on the ability of ASFV to survive and remain viable in different matrices of the Scientific opinion on Risk assessment of African swine fever and the ability of products or materials to present a risk to transmit ASF virus

EFSA has been tasked by the European Commission to review the evaluation of the ability of matrices, including vegetables, arable crops, hay and straw as well as sawdust, wood chips and similar materials likely to present a risk to transmit ASF (Mandate 2019-0020). This review should take into account a retrospective analysis of ASF spread mechanisms. A public consultation on the draft data section was held in order to collect feedback and to identify the completeness of the data on ASFV survival in the different categories of matrices identified in the literature review, to identify other studies on the survival of ASFV in these matrix categories exist that had not been considered and to gather knowledge about the production/ processing parameters that might affect ASFV survival. Stakeholders were also invited to suggest additional categories of matrices that should be considered by the AHAW Panel regarding the risk of transmitting ASFV to domestic pigs. The consultation ran from 3 to 28 February 2020. In total, 51 comments and 17 documents were received from 21 different stakeholders. This report lists all comments received and how they have been addressed in the scientific opinion.



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