The African Swine Fever Isolate ASFV-Kenya-1033-IX is highly virulent and stable after growth in the wild boar cell line WSL : [Preprint]

In this study, we describe an African swine fever genotype IX virus (ASFV-Kenya-1033-IX), which was isolated from a domestic pig in Western Kenya during a reported outbreak, including efficiency of virus replication, in vivo virulence, and genome stability in pulmonary alveolar macrophages (PAM) and in a wild boar cell line (WSL). The ASFV-Kenya-1033-IX stock, which underwent multiple passages in WSL (more than 20), retained its ability to replicate in primary macrophages and it also retained the virulence in vivo . At the genomic level, only a few single nucleotide differences were observed between the macrophage and WSL-grown virus. Thus, we propose that the WSL cell line is suitable to produce live attenuated ASFV vaccine candidates based on this isolate and probably of similar viruses. The genome sequences for ASFV-Kenya-1033-IX grown in macrophages and in WSL cells was submitted to GenBank and a challenge model based on this isolate was set up, which will aid the development of vaccines against genotype IX ASFV circulating in Eastern and Central Africa.




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