Annual Report of the Scientific Network on BSE ‐TSE 2021

Establishing a system of Networks of organisations operating in the fields within EFSA’s mission is among the tasks of EFSA, according to Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, in order to facilitate a scientific cooperation framework by the coordination of activities, the exchange of information, the development and implementation of joint projects, the exchange of expertise and best practices. The EFSA Scientific Network on bovine spongiform encephalopathies and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (BSE-TSE) was established in 2006 and held its 16th annual meeting on 18-19 October 2021, as a web-meeting. The meeting served as an opportunity to exchange scientific information on BSE-TSE related issues among EU Member States, countries from the European Free Trade Association, EU candidate countries, EFSA, the European Commission (EC) and ad hoc participants [in the 2021 meeting, represented by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)]. The topics discussed included: update on the VKM opinion on zoonotic potential of CWD, update on the situation and surveillance of CWD in Sweden, review of the control measures of CWD in Norway in the last five years (lessons learnt), the outputs of a risk assessment on the lift of the feed ban by ANSES, the prevalence in Britain of abnormal prion protein in human appendices (historical perspective and latest results), the new mandate of EFSA Scientific Networks 2021-2023 and joint activities of the BSE/TSE Network, recent and ongoing activities on TSE of EFSA, OIE and EC, as well as the preliminary results of the 2020 EU TSE summary report.



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