Cytopathic Effect of Vero Cells Adapted Bangladeshi Strain of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Virus in Cell Culture : [Preprint]

The present study described the cytopathic effect of PPR virus presently being used in serial passages at level of 60 th in Vero cells and infected tissue culture fluid was used in this study as viral inoculum. Vero cells were grown on cover slip & were infected with tissue culture fluid at a fixed multiplicity of infection (MOI) 0.01. The infected cover slip along with control were stained with H&E stain at periodic intervals and cytopathic effect was studied with microscope. The cytopathic effect (CPE) was visible at first from 24 hpi and the Vero cells showed initial cell rounding, aggregation and syncytial development. Development of inclusion bodies and cell degradation was noticed by 72 hpi. Complete detachment of the cell monolayer was observed by 84 hpi. It is concluded that, development of numerous inclusion bodies is the indication of well adaptation & extensive multiplication of PPRV in Vero cells.



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