Classic Swine Fever

Classic swine fever (CSF) is one of the most devastating diseases for pig production. Currently, on the basis of phylogenetic analysis, classic swine fever virus (CSFV) can be divided into three groups with three or four subgroups but only one serogroup is recognized. Two types of CSFV vaccines are commercially available: the MLV and the newer marker vaccines that allow differentiation of field virus‐infected versus vaccinated animals (DIVA principle). From an evolutionary point of view, CSFV is relatively stable for a RNA virus and only one serogroup has so far been recognized. Convalescent or vaccinated pigs present a long and stable immunity against all the variants of CSFV, based on neutralizing antibodies against NS3, E2, and Erns viral proteins. Postvaccination monitoring based on serosurveillance for undisclosed infection and the analysis of outbreak data should be seen as an essential component for all vaccination programs.



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