A Straightforward Hypoxic Cell Culture Method Suitable for Standard Incubators

Matthiesen, Svea GND; Jahnke, Rico GND; Knittler, Michael R. GND

We present a new and straightforward method by which standard cell culture plates can be sealed off from ambient air and be placed under controlled hypoxic cell culture conditions without costly or highly specialized materials. The method was established on a murine cell culture system using the dendritic cell line JAWS II but can be readily adapted to other cell cultures. The procedure was designed to be easy to implement in cell culture laboratories with standard incubators and requires only readily available materials, resources, and consumables, such as six-well plates, degassed culture medium, CoCl2, a vacuum sealer, etc., and no further complicated laboratory equipment. The simple hypoxic cell culture method resented here is technically reliable and experimentally safe. As it can be performed in any standard incubator, it is suitable for use at both low and higher biosafety levels.



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Matthiesen, Svea / Jahnke, Rico / Knittler, Michael: A Straightforward Hypoxic Cell Culture Method Suitable for Standard Incubators. 2021.


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