Data for "How Array Design Creates SNP Ascertainement Bias" : [Data set]

Geibel, Johannes; Reimer, Christian H. U. W.; Weigend, Steffen GND; Weigend, Annett GND; Pook, Torsten; Simianer, Henner

The repository contains the raw SNP data in vcf format for the publication "How Array Design Creates SNP Ascertainment Bias". Note that the variants are not filtered at this timepoint. Samples starting with pl_ are pooled sequences of ~10 individuals while samples starting with i_ were individually sequenced. Please find detailed information about samples, raw sequencing data and SNP calling pipeline in the linked preprint ( publication.


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Geibel, Johannes / Reimer, Christian / Weigend, Steffen / et al: Data for "How Array Design Creates SNP Ascertainement Bias". [Data set]. 2020. Zenodo.


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