Technical Consultation on Oral Rabies Vaccines – A complementary tool for vaccination in animals

Since May 2020, Sri Lanka has reported cases of rabies in jackals, dogs, cattle and two human deaths in the Kalutara district in western part of Sri Lanka. Following a request made by the authorities in Sri Lanka, the OIE Regional Representation organised a technical consultation meeting on 10th November 2020 in which OIE experts from the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (OIE reference laboratory for rabies), Germany were invited to share their expertise in dealing with such wildlife rabies cases as well as introduce the oral rabies vaccines. Participants from Sri Lanka included representatives from the Public Health Veterinary Services, Department of Animal Production and Health, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Ministry of Health, WHO Sri Lanka, University of Peradeniya and other key stakeholders. A total of 37 participants attended the consultation meeting including participants from OIE RRAP, OIE SRR, FAO Regional office for Asia and the Pacific and WHO South East Asia Regional Office.


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