Quantification of sterol contents in almond (Prunus amygdalus L.) oils

Matthäus, Bertrand GND; Özcan, Mehmet M.

In this study, the sterol contents of almond kernel oils collected from naturally growing almond trees in Mersin province were determined. Generally, the sterol contents of almond oil samples varied depending on almond types. The major sterols in almond oils wereß-sitosterol, 5-avenasterol and campesterol, followed by 5,24-stigmastadienol, stigmasterol, sitostanol, and cholesterol. While β-sitosterol contents of almond oils varied between 1986 mg/kg (T26) and 3908 mg/kg (T16), 5-avenasterol contents of almond oils samples were in the range between 215.9 mg/kg (T31) and 581.7 mg/kg (T16). In addition, campesterol contents of oils were found from 75.8 mg/kg (T31) to 172.3 mg/kg (T16). Interestingly, all sterol contents (except cholesterol, brassicasterol and 7-campesterol) of T16 almond oil were found higher than those of the other almond types. The current study showed that almond kernels of the investigated almond types from Turkey are potential sources of valuable oil which might be used as edible oil or industrial applications.



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Matthäus, Bertrand / Özcan, Mehmet: Quantification of sterol contents in almond (Prunus amygdalus L.) oils. 2020.


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