Identification of wood species used in particleboard production

Sieburg-Rockel, Ina Jördis GND; Koch, Gerald GND

Wood and wood products including particleboard imported into the European Union (EU) are subject to the EU Timber Trade Regulation (EUTR) since 2013. With regard to the correct and complete required declaration, many such products not produced in the EU are currently investigated independently. The particles processed for the manufacture of particleboard are significantly smaller than solid wood samples. Thus, the preparation for anatomical analysis is more complex, as is their identification. The composition of the taxa identified allows a distinction between certain assortments according to the origin of the processed wood: temperate Europe; plantation-grown (worldwide); tropical and subtropical Asia; temperate Asia; tropical Africa. Important information for the evaluation of EUTRsubjected timbers in particleboard is provided.



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Sieburg-Rockel, Ina / Koch, Gerald: Identification of wood species used in particleboard production. 2020.


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