Akustische Früherkennung von Vorratsschädlingen in Getreide mit dem „Beetle Sound Tube“

Müller-Blenkle, Christina GND; Schöller, Matthias; Prozell, Sabine; Szallies, Isabell; Adler, Cornel S. GND

Early detection of insect infestation in grain storage facilities is of great importance to avoid losses and massive pest spreading. Acoustics can be used to detect feeding and movement of insects. However, so far in cereals this only worked on close range due to the low level of insect sounds and the sound insulation effects of grain. To improve the detection distance of insects in storage facilities the “Beetle Sound Tube”-System was developed to bundle sounds from the surroundings using large metal tubes embedded into grain. Aim of the permanently installed system is to record and analyse sounds and provide the storage keeper with information about infestation at a very early stage. Due to early detection a variety of treatments including the use of biological antagonists is possible and losses can be minimized. The “Beetle Sound Tube”-system has been installed in a silo in 2018 and will be installed in three other storage facilities including horizontal storage and BigBags in summer 2019.



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Müller-Blenkle, Christina / Schöller, Matthias / Prozell, Sabine / et al: Akustische Früherkennung von Vorratsschädlingen in Getreide mit dem „Beetle Sound Tube“. 2020.


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