Susceptibility of Raccoon Dogs for Experimental SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Freuling, Conrad Martin GND; Breithaupt, Angele GND; Müller, Thomas GND; Sehl, Julia GND; Balkema-Buschmann, Anne GND; Rissmann, Melanie GND; Klein, Antonia GND; Wylezich, Claudia GND; Höper, Dirk GND; Wernike, Kerstin GND; Aebischer, Andrea GND; Hoffmann, Donata GND; Friedrichs, Virginia GND; Dorhoi, Anca GND; Groschup, Martin H. GND; Beer, Martin GND; Mettenleiter, Thomas C. GND

Raccoon dogs might have been intermediate hosts for severe acute respiratory syndrome–associated coronavirus in 2002–2004. We demonstrated susceptibility of raccoon dogs to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection and transmission to in-contact animals. Infected animals had no signs of illness. Virus replication and tissue lesions occurred in the nasal conchae.

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Freuling, Conrad / Breithaupt, Angele / Müller, Thomas / et al: Susceptibility of Raccoon Dogs for Experimental SARS-CoV-2 Infection. 2020.


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