Working Group of International Pelagic Surveys (WGIPS)

Autón, Urbano; Berg, Florian; Carrera, Pablo; Couperus, Bram; Høines, Age; Arge Jacobsen, Jan; Johnsen, Espen; Kåre Stenevik, Erling; Katara, isidora; Krysov, Alexander; Kvamme, Cecilie; Mackinson, Steven; McNeill, Gavin; Mærsk Lusseau, Susan; Nøttestad, Leif; O'Connell, Steven; O´Donnell, Ciaran; Schaber, Matthias GND; Staehr, Karl-Johan; O´Malley, Michael; Parner, Hjalte; et al.

The Working Group of International Pelagic Surveys (WGIPS) coordinates, implements, and reports on acoustic surveys for pelagic fish species. The core objectives of the Expert Group are to combine and review results of annual pelagic ecosystem surveys to provide indices for the stocks of herring, sprat, mackerel, boarfish, and blue whiting in the Northeast Atlantic, Norwegian Sea, North Sea, and Western Baltic; and to coordinate timing, coverage and methodologies for the upcoming 2020 surveys. WGIPS 2020 discussed the results from two workshops held in 2019; WKSCRUT2 (Workshop on Scrutinizing of Acoustic data from the International Ecosystem Summer Survey in Nordic Seas (IESSNS)) and WKHASS (Workshop on Herring Acoustic Spawning Surveys). Procedures agreed at WKSCRUT2 were accepted at WGIPS and individual participant surveys will incorporate these to ensure harmony in echogram scrutiny across the relevant surveys in the IESSNS. WKHASS looked at three herring industry acoustic surveys (conducted in 6aN, 6aS/7b, c and 7a) and decided that while each survey gives robust estimates of abundance, there is still improvements needed in survey design and protocols for each. It was recommended that the 7a survey in the Irish Sea is included in the SISP 9 Manual for International Pelagic Surveys, ICES Acoustic Surveys database should host data from the spawning surveys, and that estimations should be compared with standard StoX (open source software for survey analyses) methods. The group agreed that scrutinisation procedures, including the use of biological samples, need to be scientifically reviewed periodically for all acoustic surveys covered by WGIPS. A set of technical procedures also need to be agreed for each survey and kept updated in the SISP 9 manual...



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Autón, Urbano / Berg, Florian / Carrera, Pablo / et al: Working Group of International Pelagic Surveys (WGIPS). Copenhagen 2020. ICES.


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