Multiblend JET A-1 in Practice : Results of an R&D Project on Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosenes

Müller-Langer, Franziska; Dögnitz, Niels; Marquardt, Christian; Zschocke, Alexander; Schripp, Tobias; Oehmichen, Katja; Majer, Stefan; Bullerdiek, Nils; Halling, Ann-Marlen; Posselt, Dietmar; Kuchling, Thomas; Buse, Joachim

The research and demonstration project, DEMO-SPK, a model project under the German Mobility and Fuel Strategy (MFS), investigated the use of renewable kerosene at the Leipzig/Halle airport. Its primary goal was to examine and verify the behavior of blends consisting of several types of renewable kerosene and fossil JET A-1, under the realistic supply conditions of a major airport. The project demonstrated that the supply chain for multiblend JET A-1 was technically feasible and that the fuel could be used without requiring any changes in the normal operating procedures. The project also confirmed that the use of multiblend JET A-1 resulted in a 30–60% reduction in particulate emissions for ground operations and a reduction in CO₂ equivalents, compared with pure fossil JET A-1.


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Müller-Langer, Franziska / Dögnitz, Niels / Marquardt, Christian / et al: Multiblend JET A-1 in Practice. Results of an R&D Project on Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosenes. 2020.


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