Smart nanotextiles for application in sustainable agriculture

Czarnobai de Jorge, Bruna GND; Gross, Jürgen GND

Nanotextiles, especially such as made by nanofibers fabricated using the electrospinning technique, are emerging as the most potent tool to further advance sustainable agricultural production, e. g. by minimizing fertilizer losses, and increasing yields through innovative pest and disease control or nutrient management. Additionally, the use of nanofibers has the potential to improve applications in the food industry with new food packing, optimization of filtrations processes of beverage products, and the development of protective cloths for farmers. In this chapter, the current publications in research and development of electrospun nanofibers for agriculture and food science and their prospective applications are reviewed and discussed. Fostering research in this novel field in nanotechnology may help to address critical challenges in agriculture.



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Czarnobai de Jorge, Bruna / Gross, Jürgen: Smart nanotextiles for application in sustainable agriculture. 2020.


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