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Wood resource balance for plantation forests in Brazil: resources, consumption and cascading use

A resource balance comprises a method to monitor sources and uses of a given material. The wood resource balance analyses origins of wood resources used in the production of semi finished forest products. At the same time, the resource balance helps tracking wood processing residues and its further uses. A primary survey with 113 companies was conducted and official statistics were consulted to carry out the first wood resource balance for Brazilian plantation forests. The balance sheets were analysed for 2008 and 2018. Wood resources consumption increased from 208 to 231 million m³. Wood processing residues volumes had grown by 19 % in the same period. Round wood demand for material use accounted to 66 % in 2018 whilst 99 % of residues were used energetically. The sector’s supply and production sides have shown to be in an exceptional balance. An increase on resource efficiency and cascading uses was observed in Brazil during the analysed period. The plantation forests supplied the greater domestic demand for round wood which relieves use pressure on natural forests.



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