Mapping of plant SynBio developments in the agri-food sector

Unkel, Katharina GND; Krause, Dörthe GND; Sprink, Thorben GND; Hartung, Frank GND; Wilhelm, Ralf GND

The European Commission (EC) requested the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) for an opinion on genetically modified organisms for agri-food uses and developed through synthetic biology (SynBio) and their implications for risk assessment methodologies. In preparing this opinion EFSA has asked JKI to perform a horizon scan of plant SynBio developments with application in the agri-food sector. Relevant SynBio cases were identified using a search strategy including scientific publications, expert interviews and a collation of companies. The outcome of this scan supports part of the terms of references of the EC mandate and EFSA in defining relevant case studies to consider during the drafting of the scientific opinion.



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Unkel, Katharina / Krause, Dörthe / Sprink, Thorben / et al: Mapping of plant SynBio developments in the agri-food sector. 2020. European Food Safety Authority.


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