Entwicklung von RNA-basierten Impfstoffen: Von der Natur lernen

Roos, Tilmann

Despite substantial improvements in the development of influenza vaccines, the production and availability of these vaccines remain suboptimal. mRNA-based vaccines provide an alternative because they can be produced in a fast, flexible and scalable manner. This new vaccine format induces B- as well as T-cell responses and generates memory cells. It confers balanced, long lasting and protective immunity against influenza. Even after thermic stress the efficacy of the vaccines remains fully functional and therefore demonstrates the stability of this new class of drug substances. Since these mRNA based-vaccines elicit long lived, humoral and cellular immune responses, this new vaccine platform is a technology to produce not only prophylactic vaccines against infection diseases but also to develop effective tumor immunotherapeutics.

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Roos, Tilmann: Entwicklung von RNA-basierten Impfstoffen: Von der Natur lernen. 2015.


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