First report of Phomopsis diachenii in Bulgaria

Rodeva, Rossitza; Gabler, Jutta GND

The occurrence of Phomopsis diachenii on caraway (Carum carvi) was established in 2001. Th is is the fi rst report of P. diachenii in Bulgaria. Th e pathogen produced black pycnidia and two types of conidia (alphaand beta-conidia) on infected plant tissues as well as on nutrient media. Another Phomopsis species was found on the same host plant in 2003. It produced mainly alpha-conidia. In addition, mature perithecia assigned to Diaporthe angelicae were observed on stem fragments taken from annual caraway (C. carvi var. annuum) in 2003. Phomopsis spp. were isolated from wild growing caraway and Heracleum plants collected in the region of Rila monastery, too. All fungi mentioned were studied on the host plant and in agar culture.



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Rodeva, Rossitza / Gabler, Jutta: First report of Phomopsis diachenii in Bulgaria. 2004.


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