Trichomonosis in dromedary bulls

Wernery, Ulrich; Sivakumar, Saritha; Henning, Klaus GND; Hotzel, Helmut GND; Busch, Anne; Schuster, Rolf

During a routine health check of 12 breeding dromedary bulls using microscopy two of them were found to harbour trichomonad flagellates in their preputial washings. A PCR conducted on one of the samples did confirm trichomonads but not Tritrichomona foetus. DNA sequencing identified the organism as Tetratrichomonas species. After repeated careful washings of the prepuce w oxidised water resampling revealed negative results.



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Wernery, Ulrich / Sivakumar, Saritha / Henning, Klaus / et al: Trichomonosis in dromedary bulls. 2020.


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