Nucleic acid-mediated PAMP-triggered immunity in plants

Amari, Khalid GND; Niehl, Annette GND

With the discovery that pattern-triggered immunity (PTI) is active against virus infection in plants less than a decade ago, we began to understand that antiviral immunity goes far beyond RNA silencing and resistance gene-mediated immunity and is much more complex than previously thought. Since then, receptor kinases, signaling components and outputs, and viral suppressors of PTI were discovered and double-stranded RNAs as well as possibly other viral nucleic acids identified as candidates for viral pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) in plants. Here, we summarize recent progress in PAMP-triggered antiviral immunity in plants and discuss possible crosstalk between dsRNA-triggered defense pathways.



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Amari, Khalid / Niehl, Annette: Nucleic acid-mediated PAMP-triggered immunity in plants. 2020.


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