Complete genome sequence of Tacaribe virus

Holzerland, Julia GND; Leske, Anne GND; Fénéant, Lucie GND; Garcin, Dominique ORCID; Kolakofsky, Daniel ORCID; Groseth, Allison GND

Tacaribe virus (TCRV) is the prototype of the New World arenaviruses (also known as TCRV serocomplex viruses). While TCRV is not itself a human pathogen, many closely related members of this group cause hemorrhagic fever, and thus TCRV has long served as an important BSL2 system for research into diverse areas of arenavirus biology. Due to its widespread use, a coding-complete sequence for both the S and L segments of the bipartite genome has been publically available for almost 30 years. However, more recently, this sequence has been found to contain significant discrepancies compared to other samples of the same original strain (i.e., TRVL-11573). Further, it is incomplete with respect to the genome ends, which contain critical regulatory elements for RNA synthesis. In order to rectify these issues we now present the first complete genome sequence for this important prototype arenavirus. In addition to completing the S segment 5' end, we identified an apparent error in the L segment 3' end as well as substantial discrepancies in the S segment intergenic region likely to affect folding. Comparison of this sequence with existing partial sequences confirmed a 12-amino-acid deletion in GP, including putative glycosylation sites, and a 4-amino-acid exchange flanking the exonuclease domain of NP. Accounting for these corrections, the TRVL-11573 strain appears to be nearly identical to that isolated in Florida in 2012. The availability of this information provides a solid basis for future molecular and genetic work on this important prototype arenavirus.



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Holzerland, Julia / Leske, Anne / Fénéant, Lucie / et al: Complete genome sequence of Tacaribe virus. 2020.


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