ICPPR WG Semi-field and field Report and Discussion

Pilling, Edward; Martinovic Barrett, Barbara; Dinter, Axel; Scott-Dupree, Cynthia; Johnson, Reed; Lewis, Gavin; Miles, Mark; Persigehl, Markus; Hecht-Rost, Sabine; Szczesniak, Bronislawa; Tänzler, Verena; Zumkier, Ulrich

The ICPPR Semi-Field/Field Testing (SF/FT) workgroup consists of several ‘writing groups’ that are focused developing technical guidance that is focused on 4 separate but related topics: 1) designing and conducting pollen and nectar residue studies, 2) conducting large scale colony feeding studies, 3) updating guidance for conducting semi-field tunnel studies, and 4) design and interpretation of full field studies with bees. What follows is the current status of each of these activities.



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Pilling, Edward / Martinovic Barrett, Barbara / Dinter, Axel / et al: ICPPR WG Semi-field and field Report and Discussion. 2020.


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