Gekeimte Samen als Futtermittel

Seddig, Sylvia GND; Jansen, Gisela GND; Kurpjun, C.; Jürgens, Hans-Ulrich GND; Flamme, Wilhelm

Within organic agriculture it is difficult to provide all components necessary for poultry feeding. Sprouts of cereals with valuable composition could possibly compensate for this shortage. For that, it is necessary to analyze the content, the composition and the properties of sprouts from different varieties of cereals during germination. In order to produce a high-quality feed for poultry criteria for an optimal process of germination and a consistently good quality have to be defined.



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Seddig, Sylvia / Jansen, Gisela / Kurpjun, C. / et al: Gekeimte Samen als Futtermittel. 2005.


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